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Facebook Privacy Notice Fake

A “Facebook Privacy Notice” is making its rounds on Facebook as you are reading this. Thousands of users are posting it to their profiles not knowing it is a fake. There are a few versions of the "Notice" and they are similar to another hoax scammers came up with a couple of years ago. Back then, users were led to believe that posting a similar notice on a website would protect that site's administrators from prosecution of media piracy. 

Facebook Privacy Hoax Exposed Video Click On link to see.

But back to this one, according to the myth-busting site Snopes, posting a “privacy notice” or some other disclaimer on your profile won’t protect you from the consequences of illegal activity. Not to mention that the fact that Facebook is now a publicly-traded company doesn’t have any bearing on the terms of their Privacy Policy - which all users must agree to follow when they sign up.

If you remember (if you did read the fine print) when you agreed to the terms, you accepted how Facebook uses and shares your personal information. Regardless of whatever legal standing a government agency has or doesn’t have in terms of searching your Facebook profile for information, posting a supposed “privacy notice” on your profile doesn’t change a thing.

Also, if you read the whole "Notice" carefully, you will see a mention of the Uniform Commerical Code (UCC) 1-103 1-308 (photo below). If you don't know what that is, the UCC deals with commerical law in the United States and has absolutely nothing to do with privacy.

How to avoid:

This is another reminder that anything you post on social media becomes public information. That's why it is called "social" and "media". If you really want something to be confidential, then posting it online is not the brightest idea. Stay away from scams.

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