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Website Protecting From Comment Based Hacking

Necessary and Sufficient Deadlock Conditions

How Can I Create Folder On Windows Named CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9 ?

Use the computer without the mouse or keyboard

Here Effective ways to Quit Smoking/Drinking

Windows 10 Redstone build to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring

Use the computer without a display

Windows has many features that enable you to use your computer without a display. For example, you can have screen text read aloud by using Narrator or you can have Windows describe screen activity to you. You can turn on or adjust settings for these features by clicking Use the computer without a display page in the Ease of Access Center.
Click to open Ease of Access Center.Select the options that you want to use:Turn on Narrator. This option sets Narrator to run when you log on to Windows. Narrator reads aloud on-screen text and describes some events (such as error messages appearing) that happen while you're using the computer. For more information about Narrator, see Hear text read aloud with Narrator.Turn on Audio Description. This option sets Audio Description to run when you log on to Windows. Audio descriptions describe what's happening in videos.Turn off all unnecessary animations. This option turns off animation effects, s…


 Show all A firewall is software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network, and then either blocks it or allows it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings. Even if you think there's nothing on your computer that would interest anyone, a worm could completely disable your computer, or someone could use your computer to help spread worms or viruses to other computers without your knowledge. Here are answers to some common questions about firewalls.  What does "allowing a program to communicate through the firewall" mean? Allowing a program to communicate through the firewall, sometimes called unblocking, is when you allow a particular program to send information through the firewall. You can also allow a program to communicate through the firewall by opening one or more ports. For more information, see Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall.  How can I be sure that Windows Firewall…

Know About Refreshing and Resetting Your Windows 8 or 10 PC

Windows users regularly reinstall Windows (or restore from a recovery partition) to fix system problems. Windows 8 or 10 include easier-to-use “Refresh” and “Reset” options that quickly restore Windows to a fresh, factory default configuration. Just as mobile devices have an integrated “reset to factory defaults” option, so does Windows 8 or 10. You can even create your own refresh image or access these options if your computer can’t boot. The Difference Between Refresh and ResetWindows 8 or 10 have two factory reset options, named Refresh and Reset. Both reset your computer to a fresh, factory default sate. Refresh preserves your files and installed Modern programs, while Reset removes everything on your system. When you Refresh your PC: ·Windows will save your personal files, personalization settings, and Modern apps installed from the Windows Store. ·Windows will reset your PC settings. ·Windows will remove all installed desktop programs. A list of the removed programs will be saved to y…

Right-Click + Refresh (Stop Being an Idiot.)

There is no situation in which right-click + refresh will ever speed up your computer. Despite this I've seen countless people doing this on many different computers and I've even found forum threads where people discuss the benefits of right-click refresh and other people who try to explain it doesn't do anything. The morons who do this often justify it by saying "I know it doesn't do anything but it's become a habit" followed, often, by an "lol".

I don't know how this habit got started but I can't possibly imagine a time when computers would ever be speed up by this nonsense. I've been using computers for 7-8 years. My parents bought me a Dual Core Latest PC for my study when I was 15 years old. Ever since then I've been tinkering and gaming. I've learned enough through my progression through every Microsoft operating system to know without even doing the research that right-click refresh does nothing to speed up the compute…

SQL Connection

1. GoSTART->Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2008->Configuration Tools->SQL Server Configuration Manager.

2. When you on it, you will get a window like below :
Above in the yellow color zone, you will see the instance name that you gave during the installation. So right click on that and press START. Now your server will start. If already start then leave it.

3. Now again gotoSTART->Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2008->