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A Call to Ban Sex Robots - Lovesick Cyborg : Lovesick Cyborg

A Call to Ban Sex Robots
Credit: Giovanni Cancemi | ShutterStock Science fiction has long toyed with the idea of robot companions that provide romance or sex for humans. Modern robotic technology capable has not yet caught up with such fantasies, but the mere possibility has already inspired a new campaign to ban the creation of such robots. Advocates of the ban argue that sex robots would “contribute to gender inequalities in society” by reinforcing attitudes that objectify women in particular. The Campaign Against Sex Robots directly compares the idea of sex robots with human prostitution by suggesting that the sellers of sex are “reduced to a thing” in the minds of the buyers. A position paper for the campaign by Kathleen Richardson, senior research fellow in the ethics of robotics at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, argues that sex robots would not have a positive impact on society by replacing human prostitution, as some people have envisioned. Instead, the campaign’s adv…

Is Your Network Equipment Running Too HOT?

Is Your Network Equipment Running Too HOT? It’s hot outside!  Very hot!  At least people can grab a cold glass of lemonade or jump in a swimming pool to get some relief from the scorching summer temperatures.  Your poor servers, workstations and laptops are not so lucky.  They are stuck in their environmental conditions.  With that in mind, here are some tips to ensure your equipment does not fail due to extreme temperatures.  Computer processors can reach 150° F.  That’s hot!  Computer equipment needs the ambient room temperature cool so their fans can use it to cool their internal parts.  Below 75° F is preferable.  Try not to allow the room temperature to exceed 80° F.  Anything above that, and the air is too hot to provide adequate cooling. Computer rooms need separate A/C systems.  If you only have one main system, it might be 75° F where the thermometer is located, but 120° F in the closed server room or closet.  The server room should be able to call for cooling when required.…

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Software Company List of India in Jamshedpur (TATA) With Number

Integrated Software Solution
No reviews · Software Company
3rd Floor, Line No-5, Holding No-139, Kalimati Road Sakchi,
095342 16980
Open until 6:30 PM

Chirag Solutions
3 reviews · Software Company
2nd Floor, Prasad Bhawan,, Gaushala Nala Road, Jugsalai
0657 656 0370
Open until 6:30 PM

Infinite Net Solutions
3 reviews · Software Company
C/234, In front of Gramin Bank, Dispensary Road
094703 71443
Open until 6:30 PM

Tecsour Infoserv Pvt. Ltd.
1 review · Software Company
1st Floor, 45/A, Bank of Baroda Building, Wood Stall Area, Sakchi, Bhuiyadih
095231 62777
Open until 6:30 PM

Tata Consultancy Services
No reviews · Software Company
Voltas House, 234-main Road, Bistupur, Bistupur
0657 242 7804
No reviews · Software Company

0657 234 7199
Open until 6:00 PM

Generix Info Pvt. Ltd.
No reviews · Software Company
121, Birenu Asha Palace, 7th Floor, Sanjay Road, Near Bengal Club, Sakchi
093865 25007
Open until 7:00 PM

InfoKing Software
3 reviews · Website Designer

Top Software Company In Bangolore (India) Address With Number(Just Share It)

Company Name Area in Bangalore Phone [24]7 Infantry Road +9108041126247 3D Networks Pvt. Ltd., Brigade Road +91 080 22121411 3M India Limited Residency Road, +91-080-22231414,+91-080-28520203 3SG Software India Private Limited MG Road +91 080 51121478, +91 080 51123626 3W Zone Software Pvt. Ltd. Whitefield Road +91 080 28410046/8 4 IT Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kumara Park East +91 080 22389461, +91 80 22389464 4 L IT Services Pvt. Ltd. BTM Layout +91 080 51202888 4 Tech India Banashankari 2nd Stage +91 080 98441-52715, 98452-86516 4C - Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd Jayanagar +91 080 26540766 4E Solutions HAL III Stage +91 080 25283143, 98451-49398 A B Infotech B.V.K.Iyengar Road Cross +91 080 529 2287 A V World SR Nagar +91 080 22231769 A.B. Infotech SP Road +91 080 22222000, +91 080 51247866