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10 tech topics IT leaders should stay on top of

What should business and IT executives be focusing on in the months ahead? These 10 critical areas are high on the list.At the Interop conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I noticed some strong trends in the topics covered. As a matter of fact, most of the topics fit into a dozen or so categories. Here are 10 hot topics that are clearly on the minds of business and IT leaders.
1: Software-defined networkingSoftware-defined networking (SDN) was, by far, the biggest topic discussed at Interop this year. It seemed like a full 25% of the sessions were focused around this topic. SDN is a set of management tools that enables you to virtualize your network infrastructure to a point where the individual switches and routers don't matter. It is, effectively, a layer on top of the existing physical equipment that becomes the physical layer that the servers see. However, there was some disagreement over exactly how this should and does work. During the SDN Keynote Panel, for instance, the …

Technology and innovation: what are the hot topics? - Open thread

• How can the power of technology and innovation be used to create positive social change and what is the role of business in this? 
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Mobile phones have moved from "yuppie toys" to a market driver in developing economies, says Diane Coyle. Photograph: Jayanta Shaw/Reuters/Corbis Jayanta Shaw/ JAYANTA SHAW/Reuters/Corbis Save for later Technology and innovation are powerful tools for change, in both positive and negative ways. As we begin to face up to the multiple economic, environmental and social challenges of our time, could it be that technology offers the solutions at the speed and scale required? From clean energy to the mobilisation of collaborative consumption, the force of technology to drive sustainability is in many ways unrivalled. Africa's mobile banking revolution, global consumer movements such as Tck Tck Tck, alternative energy sources and the power of social media to propel change ar…

20 Interesting Technology Facts (Read for Special Knowledge)

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Hot Technologies, 2015

A Revolutionary Approach to Modernizing the Data Warehousewith Rick Sherman, Dr. Robin Bloor and Snowflake Computing Enterprise software tends to advance in one of two ways: evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary advances happen through incremental improvements made to an existing code base over a long period of time. Revolutionary advances happen when a new solution is designed from scratch, breaking cleanly from legacy approaches to take advantage of technology innovations that can span from hardware to software and methodologies. Presumption of Abundance: Architecting the Future of Success with Dr. Claudia Imhoff, Dr. Robin Bloor and SAS When resources are scarce, organizations focus heavily on keeping processes intact and costs down. The result is often a cycle of decisions that hinders development and ultimately leads to zero innovation. But these days, the market is teeming withgame-changing solutionswith more attractive price points, paving the way toward a new mindset and an …

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