Hot Technologies, 2015

A Revolutionary Approach to Modernizing the Data Warehouse with Rick Sherman, Dr. Robin
Bloor and Snowflake Computing 
Enterprise software tends to advance in one of two ways: evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary advances happen through incremental improvements made to an existing code base over a long period of time. Revolutionary advances happen when a new solution is designed from scratch, breaking cleanly from legacy approaches to take advantage of technology innovations that can span from hardware to software and methodologies.
Presumption of Abundance: Architecting the Future of Success with Dr. Claudia Imhoff, Dr. Robin
Bloor and SAS
When resources are scarce, organizations focus heavily on keeping processes intact and costs down. The result is often a cycle of decisions that hinders development and ultimately leads to zero innovation. But these days, the market is teeming with game-changing solutions with more attractive price points, paving the way toward a new mindset and an era of abundance.

The Embedded Future: How Predictive Analytics Will Change Business with James Taylor, Robin
Bloor and Predixion Software

The storyline on predictive analytics is solid: companies of all shapes and sizes have succeeded in using this technology to improve their top lines, bottom lines and overall enterprise efficiency. The next wave that’s coming? Embedded. Especially with the explosion of Cloud computing and global eCommerce, the practice of embedding predictive analytical capabilities into business applications will surely gain momentum in the coming months and years.

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