Top Best Smart Phones

Rating out of 5 - 4.35
Very Good
Samsung's flagship smartphone's all grown up, with an outstanding QHD display, matured multitasking features, and a great camera coupled with phenomenal battery life.
Rating out of 5 - 4.5
LG’s got an excellent all-around smartphone on its hands here. It’s fast, the camera’s better than ever, the software continues to improve, and it keeps optional features many clamor for.
Rating out of 5 - 4.18
Very Good
Samsung has rebooted its flagship, with sleek new lines, a beautiful display and one of the best cameras you'll find on any smartphone anywhere.
Rating out of 5 - 4.04
Very Good
While the newest Moto X is larger than its predecessor by a good bit, it's still a great phone with nearly stock Android 5.0 with a few unobtrusive and handy additions.
Rating out of 5 - 3.96
Very Good
If you loved last year's M8, you'll love the M9 with its refined design, microSD card support and sensible software. The camera, however, still has room for improvement.
Rating out of 5 - 3.93
Very Good
The Moto G comes with nearly-stock Android with a 
Rating out of 5 - 3.84
Very Good

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