Is Your Network Equipment Running Too HOT?

Is Your Network Equipment Running Too HOT?

Excessive Heat Kills Network Equipment
It’s hot outside!  Very hot!  At least people can grab a cold glass of lemonade or jump in a swimming pool to get some relief from the scorching summer temperatures.  Your poor servers, workstations and laptops are not so lucky.  They are stuck in their environmental conditions.  With that in mind, here are some tips to ensure your equipment does not fail due to extreme temperatures.
 Computer processors can reach 150° F.  That’s hot! 
Computer equipment needs the ambient room temperature cool so their fans can use it to cool their internal parts.  Below 75° F is preferable.  Try not to allow the room temperature to exceed 80° F.  Anything above that, and the air is too hot to provide adequate cooling.
Computer rooms need separate A/C systems.  If you only have one main system, it might be 75° F where the thermometer is located, but 120° F in the closed server room or closet.  The server room should be able to call for cooling when required.  Keep closet doors open if no separate cooling is available, but beware of the increased physical security risk leaving it open!
Ensure that there is plenty of space behind servers, in racks, and around desktops.  Do not place desktop PC’s inside of desk cabinets.  The restricted airflow will caused the equipment to overheat.
Do no stack equipment unless it was designed to be stacked.  Remember to check temperatures on remote switches and routers that might be in closets or attics.  They overheat too.
Keep equipment clean and well maintained.  Clean fans and internals and remove dust and debris that can clog fans and cooling systems.
Install temperature monitoring equipment that can shut down systems if the temperatures reach a critical point.  This will prevent systems from being damaged.
Remember, one of the best ways to keep cool is with our Simple Service Agreement or Total Support Solution!  Our engineers help to ensure that your equipment is well maintained and will bring any issues to your attention before the heat stops your business!  Call us today for additional information or see our website for details.

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